pmp formulas

pmp formulas

pmp formulas

pmp formulas


Here is list for pmp formulas.

PERT = (P+4M+O)/6

P = Pessimistic

M= Most Likely

O= Optimistic

Standard deviation = (P-O)/6
Variance = {(P-O)}/6
Project PERT = Sum of PERT value of each task


Project Variance = Sum of variance of each task
Normal distribution (sigma)

6 sigma = 99.99%

3 sigma = 99.73%

2 sigma = 95.46%

1 sigma = 68.26%

No of communication channel = N*(N-1)/2

Here N is number of member in project team

If team have 10 member then =10 *(10-1)/2 =>10*9/2=>45 Communication channel

Float = LF – EF = LS- ES

LF = Late finish

EF = Early finish

LS = Late start

ES = Early start

Float value is 0(zero) on critical path.

Schedule variance (SV) = EV-PV     (Positive variance is good)

EV = Earned value     PV=Planned value

Cost Variance (CV) = EV- AC    (Positive variance is good

EV = Earned value     AC= Actual cost

Cost performance index (CPI) = EV/AC

(>1 are good)

Schedule performance index (SPI) = EV/PV

(>1 are good)

Estimate at complication  (EAC) =

1.       Estimating assumptions are not  valid = AC+ETC

2.       Current variance are atypical = AC+BAC-EV

3.       Current variance are Typical =AC+(BAC-EV)/CPI

4.       Variance to continue at current rate = BAC/CPI

5.       EAC = AC + [(BAC -EV)/(CPI*SPI)]

Estimate to complete (ETC)  = EAC-AC
Variance at complete (VAC) = BAC-EAC

1.       TO Complete performance index based on BAC= (BAC-EV)/(BAC-AC)

2.       To complete performance index based on EAC= (BAC-EV)/(EAC-AC)

Percentage complete of budget=(EV/BAC)* 100
Benefit Cost Ratio (BCR) = Payback/project cost

Bigger is better

Net present value (NPV) bigger is better

Internal Rate of Return (IRR) bigger is better

Present Value PV=  FV / ((1 + r)^term)
Expected Monetary Value = Probability * Impact
Procurement related

Actual cost (AF) ={(TC-AC)*SSR}+TF

TC = target cost

AC = actual cost

SSR= Sellers share ration

TF= target fee

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