Project management basics

Project management basics

Project Management basics

Project Management basics


To learn more about project management we have to get familiar with some basics of project management. Here we are going to learn few project management concepts.Even these terms are very easy to learn but they have important place in project management learning as well as PMI’s project management professional (PMP) and Certified associate in project management (CAPM).

  1. What is process?

A set of action to achieve specific end result or output for the project.

PMP and CAPM exam points of view process is group of input, tools & technique and outputs.

Output of one process may input of another process.

Process can be performed more than one time on the project.

  1. What is Operations?

Operation is ongoing process and always gives same outcome. They are not part of Project but can be part of a program.

Example of operation is, School management is daily managing students for day to day routine.

  1. What is Project?

Project is always temporary.

It has predefined start and end date.

It has a set of operation to achieve a single goal.

At the end it creates unique product, service or result.

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Examples of Project:

A new Venture. (Goal: Product)

Market research (Goal: Result)

Process improvement (Goa: Service)



  1. What is Program?

Program is group of related projects and sub-program. Program may also contain operations.

  1. What is Portfolio?

Portfolio is group of related programs and projects. It should be aligned to meet business objectives.

  1. What is progressive elaboration?

The iterative process of getting detail about project as we progress. At the start of project we know very little about project.

  1. What is project Management?

Project Management is combination of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to full fill project requirement.

  1. What is baseline?

Simply we can say it is original plan or any approved changes in project plan from formal change control procedures.

  1. What is lesson Learned?

The experience gained during a project in each phase of project.

It is an organizational asset.

It is used as an input in many project planning processes.

In this we focus on what was happen instead of what should happen and how we can handle this kind of situation in current project.

  1. What is historical information?

All the information and data from previous project is known as a historical information. It is part of organizational process asset.

project management basics Part -2 

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