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How to write great headline in no time

Are you not able to write great headline for article or ad copy?

As we know headline is first place to grab attention. This is place your targeted customer make decision to go further with article or ad copy.

Are you feeling writing great headline is hard?

Writing attention grabbing headline is bit tricky job.

No Worry, Here I am going to explain how to write great headlines.

First make your reader feel smarter, don’t go with fancy complex English words try to use common words.

Secondly tell what end user is going to get.Here things must be clear and loud enough to get attentions.
like – FREE Coffee, FAT Loss, Learn SEO, FREE Ad Copy Course,Learn Digital Marketing @ 2999/- etc.

Next handle any objections if end user have any.like – Trust,paying amount,Will I get result?

and lastly put a clear time frame in which end user is going to get results. you have to lock things in fix time frame like 7 days, 10 days,3 months so end user can make decision faster.

Lets take a example: Learn digital marketing Free in 7 days.

here we are addressing

End result : Learn digital marketing
Objection : End user not willing to pay
Time : end user going to learn in 7 day

we can write same headline in different ways

How to learn digital marketing in 7 days without spending money.
7 ways to learn digital marketing for free.


Want to Improve your digital marketing skills

Some Tips to write great headlines.

write Headlines between 10-15 words.As this length give best result.
Use number 5,10,15 or 7 if you are using some

like Example

10 ways boost your immunity easily without workout.
7 simple way to become a expert digital marketer

Now you might have any question in mind is there any tool that can tell me my headline is good or not?

Yes there is a tool that will help you to analyze


its a great free tool to improve your headline.


Coming soon with few more tips to improve headline and story writing.